About Kjuicer

The Kjuicer is a tool created by Giampaolo Ferradini and Francesco Frassinelli. They founded Kjuicer.com Srl, an Italian startup, to develop it.

It was an old idea of Giampaolo: he knew since his college years that there had to be a way to read and study things only once, possibly benefiting also other people in the process.

Francesco turned the concept into a mock-up, then into a minimum viable product, and they requested a patent for it. Then Niccolò joined, and they brought it up to where it is just now.

The Kjuicer is in essence a curation tool that allows a reader to highlight in an innovative way: by forcing highlights to be hierarchic and re-readable, it can not only extract multiple summaries from the content, it also makes it browsable and much more easily accessible.

This simple tool enhances and speeds up learning tremendously. It addresses the most daring aspect of studying, which is the information overload: the more complex a topic is, the easier it gets to forget its details. Learning, whose complexity normally progresses exponentially, becomes an accessible and rapid staircase.

By processing a text with the Kjuicer the reader not only benefits from the standard advantages of underlining –which enhances attention and highlights certain pieces of the content making them more easily identifiable later– but he creates his own prioritized learning pathway, extracts notes and ends up with a database of the knowledge contained therein. Therefore, every single time the explanation of the topic references to previously explained bits and pieces that might have been forgotten or need a refresh, our reader can re-access them in a matter of seconds and with three levels of detail, without resorting to re-reading the original parts. The results are really beyond imagination.

One of the nicest collateral advantages of course is: once this work has been done, the results will be there forever for the author, and they might be precious for other readers too.

The tool is applicable and valuable in many other circumstances: any time a content might be organized in multiple ways, simplified or summarized, consumed with varying degrees of intensity or by different audiences, to teach students how to prioritize and highlight, in case of learning disabilities, to curate collections of articles, to create valuable and accessible knowledge bases, for citation purposes and so on. We are looking forward to make it available on books, where we believe it will represent a fantastic opportunity to enhance our ability, but also our willingness, to read more.

The Kjuicer is patent pending and a registered trademark.